TrollfasthearT started in 2008 by “the troll” Kadgar from Segovia, SPAIN. After somes demo song TrollfasthearT recording our debut album “Only For Trolls” during July and August 2010, released in November 2010.
During August 2012 TrollfasthearT recording our second album “What?! An Old Pot For All?!”, released in June 2014.

During winter 2015 TrollfasthearT recording our third album “Totroll's Bizarre Adventure” released in February 2016. This new album includes 8 songs in more of 60 minutes of pure and very raw true troll art. Black Metal by "the troll" dedicated to the extincion of human race and the birth of new trolls of their fucking remains.


TrollfasthearT is only Kadgar "the troll", plays guitars, bass, vocals, drums, write lyrics and desings artworks and websites.

Kadgar "the troll" also plays:
AB˙FS – Bass, vocals, lyrics
ICepressIVe – Vocals, bass, lyrics
AanomM – Guitars, vocals, bass, lyrics
GravislatrO – Guitars, drums, vocals, bass, lyrics
Psionic Plasma – Guitars, bass,
Luzver – Drums, bass,
Sogtulakk – Drums,
Apoclibbon Doshol – Guitars, drums, vocals, bass, lyrics,
PankuroniuM – Drums, bass,
Valephor – Drums,
The Music of TrollfasthearT is only true troll art.

Kadgar "the troll" also organize concerts and manages its bands.

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February 2016

I / Spell Of Madness On Dead Crocodiles
II / Tiny Creatures Who Lives Inside Putrid Gums
III / Psychotic Stink's Trollhallucinations
IV / Totroll's Bizarre Adventure
V / In The Night Of The Last Horrendous Birth
VI / Silent For The Day Of My Death
VII / Survive In Sorrow Desolation
VIII / Magic Manifest Upon The Tomb Of Supreme Troll

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June 2014

I / Beware The Troll Laws
II / Croack! Nests Of Frogs!
III / Torture For Acquitted Offenders
IV / Bizarre Audacious Fantasy
V / What?! An Old Pot For All?!
VI / Remotest Feeding Methods
VII / Beheaders Of Slag Alive
VIII / Hate Is Foolish Of Nasty Humans

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November 2010

I / Along The Forest
II / Begins The Night
III / Eating Crude Oil
IV / A Good Degustation
V / Troll Kalla Mik
VI / Hunting Of The Troll Queen
VII / Night Errant Creature
VIII / Only For Trolls

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DEMOS 2007-2008


February 2008

No Cover

I / Without Reasons To Exist
II / Aryan Creatures
III / Troll Hunter
IV / Deceptive, Attack, Exterminate
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